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Australian and New Zealand Citizens

Australian and New Zealand passport holders and permanent residents

If you hold Australian or New Zealand permanent residency or citizenship you’re going to be classed as a domestic student in both Australia and New Zealand (even if you have entirely British qualifications, and even if you have never lived in either Australia or New Zealand)

The great news about this is that as a domestic student you should be eligible for a student loan in both countries and you will be paying domestic student fee rates, which are less expensive than international rates.

In New Zealand the funding body for higher education is StudyLink. Please have a look at their website for more info on NZ funding.

In Australia, you may well be eligible for a student loan from the Australian government. These are called HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme): Study Assist – Australian Higher Education Funding

The bad news about being a domestic student is that Study Options is only able to assist international students (ie, anyone who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand). Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot help domestic students to apply for courses or provide you with relevant application information. Study Options does not hold domestic student prospectuses, so you will need to contact the universities directly to request these.

To apply for courses or get further information on what’s offered in Australia, we would recommend either getting in touch with universities directly, or going through the state tertiary admissions centres (the Australian equivalent of UCAS), which are as follows:

You can also access the latest e-book of the Good Universities Guide Australia (free, registration required) here.

To apply for courses or get further information on what’s offered in New Zealand you will need to get in touch with universities directly to ask them about their programmes, entry requirements and procedures for admission as a domestic student.